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Over 48,000 Copy editing tests Served!

Over 48,000 potential copy editors have challenged our copy editing tests for employee assessment purposes. For over ten years, companies and individuals around the world have successfully used our copy editing tests to measure the copy editing skills of their employees.

COPY EDITING TESTS provides copy editing tests and tests for copy editors in conjunction with detailed, personalized reports on the copy editing skill levels of each test candidate. These skill level tests and corresponding reports can be used in pre-hire evaluations or in employee assessments and testing for skill at copy editing — one of the essential tools of business.

Discover the treasure trove of copy editing talent hiding in your company. What happens when you tap into these hidden copy editing abilities? Wouldn't you like to make sure your people can copy edit so that your company communications, advertising, and reports are written clearly, succinctly, convincingly and politely? From previous experience, we know that your customers and clients will reward you for your efforts to test your copy editors and improve the quality and caliber of your company's written communications.

Testing is the key to unlocking a treasure worth more than gold — your employees' copy editing abilities. Improved communication with your clients, whether it's copy editing the company newsletter, marketing materials or letters and memos can only help improve your company's bottom line. When you see your search for good copy editors paying off with positive results, you will agree that testing of your employees' copy editing skills, becomes another essential business tool.


  • Target your resources. Targeting your copy editing resourcesDo your employees have the copy editing skills necessary to compete? Test your people and find out who should be responsible for the copy editing of essential company documents.
  • the yellow door opens up to Copy editing tests and tests for copy editors, writing tests, and grammar tests. Open the door and put your best foot forward by testing your present and future employees on their copy editing skills. Improve the quality of your internal and external communications.
  • Your target is writing that shines and needs no copy editing or testing. Accurate, clear and concise company communication, both internal and external, has never been more important than right now. Competition is closing in. Do you have the best copy editors in your company doing what they are good at? Do you know who they are? Are you hiring new people whose copy editing abilities need to be tested?
  • Use your resources for your editorial, writing  and testing needs.Get personally customized corporate employee assessments for each copy editing test candidate enhanced with a personalized evaluation of the employee's copy editing aptitude. (Read more...)
  • Your clients will reward your efforts at clear and concise communication with repeat orders and referrals to others. Looking ahead by testing your employees' copy editing skills today, is not only smart, it's good business. Employee assessments for copy editing skills will not only save you money, but also put your company in the big leagues with the resulting professional outlook showing through in the writing and communication coming to the public from your employees.

  • … Improve your bottom line … test your copy editors today!


  • Education and Diplomas for Testing of Editors, Writers, and Proofreaders Starts Here at Education and Knowledge lead to …
    … testing of your employees for their ability to copy edit a message so it reads clearly, succinctly, politely, and error free, which is of primary importance in any company where professionalism and accuracy is valued.
  • Education and Diplomas for Testing of Editors, Writers, and Proofreaders Starts Here at Education and knowledge of the English Language in the field of copy editing are the cornerstones of any successful company. Your communications, whether internal or external, public or private are going in front of the scrutinizing eyes of other people — sometimes just one … and sometimes millions!
  • Test your potential employees on their copy editing skills and abilities before you hire them and before they are in a position where professional copy editing skills are required. Your search will be rewarded with …
  • Great ideas come from tested editors who proofread and write with creativity … Ideas, Creativity, and Efficiency which lead to … … an escalation in the quality of the copy editing within your company which in turn will raise the level and quality of the presentation of the services you offer your customers in your advertising, mailouts, and in your reports and proposals.

    Testing your potential copy editors will only enhance your dealings with the world through excellence in your corporate communication, and improve your …
  • Testing Your Copy Editors will improve your bottom line.
    … Financial Security, Prosperity, and Growth.