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48,000 Copy Editor Testing Candidates!

For ten years, companies and individuals around the world have successfully administered our tests to assess the editing skills of their actual and prospective employees. Over 48,000 candidates have been evaluated with our proprietary Copy Editor Testing system.

COPY EDITOR TESTING provides Copy Editor Testing in conjunction with detailed reports on the strengths and areas for improvement of each Copy Editor Testing candidate. These tests accurately assess the written language skills of potential and current employees — and, as such, they are an essential tool for any business.

Discover the treasure trove of copy editing talent hiding in your company. What conclusions do your actual and potential clients draw from your company's correspondence and website content? Previous experience has shown us that your customers will reward you for your efforts to improve the quality and image of your company's written communications.

Testing of your copy editors is the key to unlocking a treasure worth more than gold — your employees' writing and editing abilities. The improved communication with your clients that you get from Copy Editor Testing, whether it's writing in the company newsletter, marketing materials or letters and memos, can only help boost your company's bottom line. Once you see your search for quality editors paying off with positive results, you will agree that testing of your employees' copy editing skills is an indispensable business tool.

Transparent pre-hiring test and assessment of short-listed candidates a crucial to making an informed decision. has a range of online copyeditor testing tests to verify competency and skills set of your candidates. The editor test is designed to test skill tests and generate a thorough assessment report.


  • Target your resources. Targeting your copy editing resources with Copy Editor Testing
    Do your employees have the copy editing skills necessary to compete? Test your people and find out who should be handed responsibility for assuring the quality of high-visibility, sensitive or critical company documents.
  • The yellow door opens up to Copy Editor Testing, writing tests, and grammar tests. Open the door and put your best foot forward by testing your present and future employees on their copy editing skills. Improve the quality of your internal and external communications with Copy Editor Testing.
  • Your target is writing that shines and needs no retractions or amending after the fact. Accurate, clear and concise company communication, both internal and external, has never been more important than now. The pressures of global competition and outsourcing are closing in on every market. Do you have the most talented communicators and proofreaders in your company doing what they do best? Are you hiring new people without any regards to their basic writing competency? Test your new employees on their copy editing skills.
  • Use your resources for your editorial, writing  and testing needs.Get personalized corporate employee assessments for each Copy Editor Testing candidate, complete with a detailed breakdown of the employee's copy editing aptitude. (Read more...)


  • Education and knowledge lead to …
    Education and Diplomas for Testing of Editors, Writers, and Copy Editors Starts Here.
    … certification of your employees' ability to write professional, accurate and error free communiques, which is vital to any company that values its efficiency as well as its image. Most, if not all, of a company's thinking, strategy and decisions can ultimately be traced to written correspondence. To the extent that emails and reports constitute a company's thoughts, improved writing will lead to better quality and clarity of thinking. Concise and understandable writing connects to a wider audience, and engages them to contribute their own ideas to the dialogue. Your employees can better align with -- and contribute to -- the shared corporate vision when they have a clearer picture of what that vision is.
  • Education and Diplomas for Testing of copy editors Starts Here at

    Competency in written English, with regards to writing and editing, are cornerstones to the success of any company. With the click of a button, informal communications that were never intended for widespread distribution can be forwarded to contractors, competitors and clients. Meanwhile, anything on your corporate website may be viewed by millions each day.
  • Test your potential employees' copy editing skills before you place them into positions where professional writing or editing skills are required. Your search will be rewarded with …
  • Great ideas come from tested editors who proofread and write creatively
    … a creative and motivated workforce. When individuals in your company with previously unrecognized writing and editing talent are given new responsibility for corporate communications, they will reward you for that confidence. They will approach you with insights and observations that would hitherto have been kept to themselves... insights that may alert you to unseen issues or risks, tensions within the organization, or novel solutions to nagging problems. Once you begin to tap into their previously unharnessed potential, your employees will develop a newfound pride that inspires them to contribute even more of their energy and talent to the shared goals of your team. Creative and motivated communicators and editors will produce … a quantum leap in the quality of writing within your company. That, in turn, will sharply focus the image that you present to your customers in your advertising, mailouts, reports and proposals.

    Testing the potential of your copy editors will redefine the manner in which your company is perceived by employees as well as outsiders. Through excellence in your corporate communication, you will secure the commitment of your workers as well as the confidence of your clients. Such an outlook ultimately assures your …
  • Testing Your Editors, Writers, and copy editors, will improve your bottom line.
    … Financial Security, Prosperity, and Growth.
    Your clients will reward your quality assurance efforts and improved communications with repeat orders and referred customers. Looking ahead by testing your employees' copy editing skills today is not only smart; it's good business.

  • … Improve your bottom line … test your copy editors today!