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Over 48,000 Editor Testing Candidates!

More than 48,000 aspiring editors have taken part in our editor testing program for employee evaluation purposes. For more than a decade, companies and individuals across the world have used our editor testing to evaluate the editing skills of their employees.


At you will find editor testing supplemented by personalized reports that accurately describe the editing skills of each participant to the editor testing. The results of the editor testing, as well as the reports that come with each test, are priceless tools that help managers select the best candidates for filling a position or assess the skills of current employees.

Uncover the brightest editors working in your company. This is a time tested method to improve your image and leave a great impression to your business partners and clients. To convey a message of professionalism, it's vital that your written communication is top-notch. The initial investment in quality editor testing will surely pay off when more clients and business partners will chose your company to do business with.

Editor testing is essential if you want to find the next diamond in the rough. We think that finding a truly brilliant editor with our editor testing service is certainly worth the trouble. Just think about all the written materials that need to be flawless — from sales letters and company presentations to corporate newsletters. Every one of them is a tool that you use to communicate with your partners and clients. If the editing is not spot-on, you risk leaving a bad impression. For these reasons, you should give editor testing the importance it truly deserves.


  • Make the most out of your resources Targeting your editing resources with editor testing
    Find out who is the best editor at your disposal. Our editor testing will make sure that your editing staff works at its best potential. Make sure that your most important documents are handled by your best employees.
  • the yellow door opens up to editor testing, writing tests, and grammar tests. Find the future stars that will improve the image of your company through their editing work. See if a current or potential employee has what it takes to tackle the most difficult editing jobs with our highly targeted editor testing service.
  • Your target is writing that shines and needs no proofreading, editing or testing. When the competition gets tough, crystal-clear communication is vital. This is true for all types of written communication, regardless if it's used externally or only within your company. As more and more managers and business owners find out, editor testing should not be neglected. Make sure that you have only the best editors in your staff. Nevertheless, this is only the first step. Match each editing job with the most suitable employee. Even more important: base your editor recruitment on hard facts rather than assumptions.
  • Use your resources for your editorial, writing  and testing needs.Obtain a personalized review document for each employee who takes part to the editor testing, as well as a in-depth personalized evaluation, analyzing in detail the employee's editorial skills. (Read more...)


  • The path to success starts with …
    Testing of Editors Starts Here at
    … the right employees working on the right editing projects. Editor testing is the only real solution to determine who has the potential of becoming a valuable expert within your company.
  • Testing of Editors Starts Here

    A superior command of the English language and an in-depth knowledge of editing methods are two of the most important assets of an employee. Make sure that every single piece of important communication is checked by a person with an eye for detecting grammar, punctuation and spelling errors. The best way to find that person? Editor testing is the definite answer!
  • Explore the job market and seek the very best professionals for your editor position. Remove any doubts about the skills of a potential employee with our revealing editor testing. Let go of the old ways and embrace a new wave of …
  • Great ideas come from tested editors
    … Concision, Clarity and Professionalism that will … … raise the bar for the quality of your written communication, both internal an external. The effects of this improvement will quickly become visible through an increased conversion rate for your marketing efforts, better communication with the general public, and an overall improvement of your entrepreneurial performance.

    Unleashing the true potential of your editors is not only a matter of tedious detail, as some would think. The truth is that the attention to details sets the winners apart and allows them to achieve
  • Testing Your Editors, Writers, and Editors, will improve your bottom line.
    … Wealth, Steady Growth and Long Term Vision.
    The time and energy invested in editor testing are are well spent resources. In time, the initial investment in editor testing will return tenfold. Improving the level of the editing in your company is a sound business decision, with multiple beneficial effects — from an improved internal perception among your staff, to the hard cash resulted from lead conversion made possible by superior editing. All these advantages come from your initial investment in quality editor testing.

  • … Get reliable results … assess your editors today!