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More than 48,000 proofreaders have attempted our examinations, trying to prove their expertise to employers. For over a decade, our proofreader tests have effectively demonstrated employee talent for many companies and private employers around the world.


The services provided by cover all aspects of proofreader testing and are supplemented by exhaustive, personalized reports that accurately depict the proofreading skill levels of the proofreader testing candidates. Among the many situations when proofreader testing is a useful instrument for your business, we can mention regular employee performance reviews and pre-hire screening of potential proofreaders

The proofreading talent of your employees is the key to success. Ignoring the proofreading expertise of your staff may be a costly mistake. Sales letters and newsletters are vital pieces of written communication that allow your company to interact with and persuade current and potential clients. Wouldn't you like to know that your written messages are curated by the best proofreaders? Proofreader testing is the first step towards this goal!

Use the key right now and profit from the skills of your staff! Don't let the proofreader talent of your people go to waste. Put it to work and create excellent corporate documentation and better internal communication. That's right, proofreader testing will also positively influence your internal communication. When messages are conveyed clearly and error-free throughout your company, the result is visible in terms of eficiency and profitability. This is why proofreader testing has the potential to ultimately affect your bottom line.


  • Employ the best people! Targeting your proofreading resources with proofreader testing
    See who among your staff is prepared to handle the difficult task of overseeing important corporate documents. Or, maybe it's necessary to hire someone new. It's time to make an educated decision about your proofreading effort.
  • the yellow door opens up to proofreader testing, writing tests, and grammar tests. Take a leap into the future by evaluating your current staff and hiring prospects based on their proofreading competency. Upgrade the quality of your in-house communications and display the best image to your clients and business partners.
  • Your target is writing that shines and needs no proofreading, editing or testing. Stiff competition and demanding clients make more and more difficult the task of running a successful business. When the situation gets tough it's time to call in the cavalry. Do you have the best professional proofreaders at your disposal, ready to provide added value with their proofreading expertise? Or do you need to hire someone qualified to take over the job? Find out today, with quality proofreader testing from!
  • Use your resources for your editorial, writing  and testing needs.Base the corporate assessment reports of candidate proofreaders on our personalized evaluations of the editor's proofreading knowledge. (Find more...)


  • Once you try our services …
    Proofreader Testing Starts Here
    … the testing of your employees will never be the same again. Accurate proofreader testing allows you to hire competent proofreaders to scrutinize the essential documents produced in your company. Your company's image will benefit from your investment.
  • Proofreader Testing Starts Here

    Academic excellence and hands-on experience with proofreading techniques create the premises of success for the editors of your company. But sometimes a manager needs to learn more about his or her employees. This is when our extensive proofreader testing proves itself useful. And it's definitely worth the trouble, when you consider that the work of the editor will be analyzed by thousands of potential clients.
  • See beyond the resumes of potential employees / proofreaders and actually check their proofreading and editing experience, BEFORE giving them a responsibility in your company. It's a precaution that can save you a lot of troubles.
  • Great ideas come from tested  proofreaders
    The core values standing at the base of your success are … … excellence and commitment to value. Shouldn't you expect the same values from your employees in general and from your proofreaders in particular? We think that our in-depth proofreader testing can separate the mediocre from the employees who are fully committed to excellence. With a relatively small investment, your presentation brochures, ads, and newsletters will shine!

    Assessing the growth potential of your editors can lead to an improvement in the relations with the other players in your industry - clients, business partners or competitors. The commitment to excellence of your enterprise will contribute to sustainable …
  • Testing your proofreaders, will improve your bottom line.
    … Stability, Development and Prosperity.
    Your clients will surely appreciate your determination to ensure that your corporate documents are top-notch. The investment in proofreader testing makes sense when you evaluate the costs versus the beneficial outcomes in terms of marketing, public relations and efficiency. When you draw the bottom line, the money invested in proofreader testing will return in time with better business for your company.

  • … Make a clever move … assess your proofreaders immediately!